General Update

Hey guys. Wow, it’s been a while hasn’t it? This is just a quick update to let you know everything that’s been going on.


  1. Summer in St. Louis is hot. Really hot. Triple digit hot. Yes, I know, it’s summer in St. Louis. But we’ve actually been spoiled these past couple of years. It’s been hot, but not that hot. Yesterday we broke a record for 108 (that’s 42.2 for you metric folks). It was like being in an oven. There was a severe storm last night that cooled things down, but it’s still hot today. I’m hoping we get more rain tonight.
  2. Richie was diagnosed with pancreatitis and hospitalized for several days over the Fourth of July holiday. He’s home now and is doing better and is much happier. He has to quit drinking (alcohol is one of the causes) and he has made peace with that. He’s already found a non-alcoholic beer that he likes! My mom came over several days after I brought Richie home and she bought us a ton of groceries and cleaned our apartment. It was super nice because I was such a wreck while he was gone. I had just enough energy to come home from the hospital and sit on the couch and watch Bake Off before going to bed. Silver lining to the hospital stay: I got a lot of knitting done.
  3. Speaking of Richie, his daughter is off to college NEXT. MONTH.

I’ve known the kiddo since she was eight and I am so not prepared for this. My mom has bought her some stuff for her dorm room, and I am knitting her washcloths in her school colors. She has to be there on the 15th. That’s only a little over three weeks! NOT PREPARED.

4. I’m learning Swedish! I have a fan fic friend who lives in Sweden and she’s been trying to get me to move over¬†¬† there. I was initially going to learn Bosnian (my company has a lot of Bosnian customers and a lot of Bosnian employees), but Duolingo doesn’t offer it. They do offer a bunch of other amazing languages FOR FREE. So, I went with Swedish. Jag talar Svenska! Only 39% though. I sent her a box of American treats (mint Oreos, Twizzlers; Reece’s; a Zero bar; Sour Patch kids; more that I can’t think of), and she sent me a box of Swedish treats (I could write odes to the Geisha bar).

5. I have pen pals! I have…. three virtual and one snail mail! I love snail mail! So nice to get something in the mail besides bills. I’m making sure to buy super nice stationery, but it’s hard to find good stores in St. Louis. I went to the Paper Place, but they were unhelpful. I think I might try Papyrus next. Or Etsy. Or just get more from Nostalgic Impressions, which is where my current batch came from. I helped my friend Amy at her church yesterday, sorting and organizing craft supplies for a sale, and she was kind enough to let me take some treasures home. So I have some cards and beautiful wooden stamps, so hopefully I can dress up my letters a little bit.


Okay, I think you guys are all caught up on the basics. My writing hiatus is over, and I sent Top a knit teddy bear. I should probably write a post about that. I should probably get caught up on all of my baking posts first. I am SUPER behind. Sorry about that. Thanks for sticking around!


If you’ve left….. (nice loyalty)