The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Baking: Carrot Cake

Hey guys. So. If you follow me on Instagram, you’re familiar with this story. If not, well, here you go.

A couple of weeks ago, some coworkers (including my boss) shamed me for the candy I eat. Publicly shamed me. My boss even said, “You’ll thank me in a couple of months when you’re on the beach.” Um, I was fine with this body being on the beach. Some different coworkers were upset on my behalf and cheered me up. So I decided to bake my way through my cookbooks for them. I’ll eat the cake until it runs  out, then no sweets until the next weekend.

First up:

IMG_20190527_123438 (1)

(I’m not going to give you the recipe. That would be stealing from the author. Buy the book or check it out from the library.)

The first section is cake! I love cake. Who doesn’t?

Carrot Cake was the first cake I made for them. I even grated the carrots myself!


It wasn’t until Richie was showing me how to grate carrots that I realized I could have bought a bag of shredded carrots. Ah, well. This makes it more authentic. (so I tell myself.)


Everything was going along swimmingly UNTIL:


Did I grease the pans? YES.

Did I flour the pans? NO.

And apparently, that’s where I went wrong.

They were stuck for a while. Like, overnight.


Bad: Top cake was broken.

Good: Icing hides a multitude of sins.

Bad: Not if you announce those sins to the world.

Good: I ate the sins and shared the rest!


Hideous but delicious. A metaphor for my life.

Delivered slices to coworkers who love me and don’t judge me


And I ate the rest!




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