How I Spent Halloween: A Photo Essay

Not really.

I mean, I dressed up, we went to the Zoo, and watched scary movies. Typical Halloween. But I know how much you all love to know what I’m up to.

There will be quite a few photos in this post, though.


The new Grizzly Ridge at the St. Louis Zoo is finally open. And it’s awesome!





These two were leading me on a wild hippo chase. Swim to one end, pivot quickly, swim back. It was hard to get a good shot because they would not stop moving.

hippo 2


This cat could smell my cat. I’m sure of it.

cheetah 2


You and me both, babe.


Halloween Horror Challenge: Finishing Up (Photo Heavy)

I did finish! I’m so proud of myself. But I’m a lazy bum and didn’t post. So we have twenty movies to get through. Here we go:

Day 12:

Day 12

A documentary about sleep paralysis that’s on Netflix. Super creepy.


Day 13:


Another documentary. This one explores the evolution of the American horror movie, and the society and culture that influences them.


Day 14:

Day 14

A great movie about Halloween traditions, four interweaving stories. Plus, Anna Paquin.


Day 15:

Day 15

Who doesn’t love this movie? (If you don’t, please stop talking to me)


Day 16:

Day 16

Because Sissy Spacek is so brilliant


Day 17:

Day 17

Reliving my childhood. I don’t care about Mr. Toad, but I love hearing about “Old Ichy”. And can we talk about Bing Crosby’s voice please? *sigh*


Day 18:

murder maps

I know it isn’t a movie, but it is a docu-series about horrifying events that really happened. Since it’s my challenge, I say it counts.


Day 19:


Documentary narrated by Cornelius Fudge. I mean, Robert Hardy. Yay ghost stories!


Day 20:


Companion piece to the above.


Day 21:


We made it to Wales!


Day 22:


Rounding out the UK


Days 23-28


The Dracula Legacy, 1931-1948. Dracula; Dracula’s Daughter; Son of Dracula; House of Frankenstein; House of Dracula; and Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein.


Day 29:


Where does Halloween come from? Let this History Channel documentary narrated by Harry Smith educate you! Can be found on Youtube.


Day 30:


A documentary about four urban legends. If you aren’t watching anything by Joshua Zeeman, you are missing out.


Day 31:


A classic story that everyone loves, with everyone’s favorite detective!


And that’s it! I hope you all had an excellent Halloween!




General Update

I know, I fell behind again. I know. But we had a big dinner last night and apparently I’ve reached the age where after any kind of sizeable meal I fall asleep on the couch at 7:30. So I figured I would do a quick update now, then later this afternoon/evening I would get back into my horror watching. Also, I’m only behind one day. If you follow my Instagram, you’ll see I did watch a movie on Thursday. I just didn’t blog about it.

I got a promotion!


It only took ten years. I now work back office, which means NO CUSTOMERS. Isn’t it awesome? It is for me! I’ve been working since I was 15 (19 years), and it’s all been customer service- mall jobs, Hallmark, grocery store. Now I’m doing office work. I have a little cubicle and everything! I get to decorate it how I like, and it’s going along slowly but surely. Monday was a bank holiday, I had two days of off-site training and two days of work. I have no idea what I’m doing or why, but I’m having a ball! It helps having an excellent support group, and my team is amazing. So are the people who don’t even work in my department.

I’m still knitting away! I know I’m super behind in posting my projects. I’m even bad about updating my Ravelry. I’m currently knitting two secret projects for a friend, so I can’t mention them here. I’ll try to better about posting projects as I go.

I am still baking. Yes, I am watching the new season of Bake Off. I have a lot of thoughts about it, so that will be its own special post after this season is over. I’m also watching the Great Australian Bake Off over on YouTube, which is pretty fantastic in its own right. Matt Moran is super cool, and I want Maggie Beer to be my other grandma. Last year James said he thought Maggie probably smelled like cookies and kindness, and I’ve decided he’s right.

Matt and Maggie

We’ve bundled Lauren off to college. When did that happen? She is so damn smart. She wants to be a doctor. She even has a little squad already (her words, not mine) and they all study together. Chemistry is her toughest class and Chinese is her favorite and I would gush about how proud I am but I’m not that gross.

Winter is over a year old now and is as active as ever. We call it rampaging. Richie and his best friend Tim actually created a cell phone game called Rampage Kitty. You play as a kitten and your job is knock over as much stuff as possible. Download it! (Only 99 cents)

Is that…. everything? I think it is, for the moment. Okay. Hopefully I’ll be back to the horror blogging tonight.


Halloween Horror Days 6-9

This three day weekend was pretty productive on the movie front. Two yesterday, two today. And guess who’s all caught up? Guess who’s a good girl?

Up first, The Village

The VIllage

Whatever, I love it, and hate The Sixth Sense.

Day 7:


I don’t know if this counts, but Christopher Walken scares me, so we’re going with it.

Day 8:

The Wolfman

The original. The best. Sorry, Benecio.

Day 9:

White Zombie

Bela Lugosi stars in this one I haven’t seen in a couple of years.

Halloween Horror Challenge Days 4 & 5

Yes, I know I’m already behind. I know. BUT it’s a holiday weekend, so that’s okay! Scary movie marathon!

The Fog

John Carpenter is a genius. Then you have Jamie Lee Curtis, some of her Halloween pals, her mom, and Adrienne Barbeau. Can’t lose.

Vincent Price

Yes, you’ve probably seen this image before. But who doesn’t like The House on Haunted Hill? (If you don’t, leave now. We can never coexist.) Vincent is just the king of horror. And that voice? Thriller.