Week Four- Dessert Week: Whipped Cream Cake with Caramel Icing

This was a fun one, that came from one of my tea books


It was relatively easy. Of course, because this one done three weeks ago I don’t really remember much about it



The center filling was homemade whipped cream. I think I need to keep the apartment cool when whipping up creams and icings



The caramel icing was pretty easy, although I had to keep an eye on it to make sure I didn’t burn it. I’ve learned that from Bake Off- it is very easy to burn caramel



It’s a good cake- subtle and light- but the icing was too runny. But what do you expect from a St. Louis summer?


Week One- Cake Week: Pistachio White Chocolate Cardamom Cake

I know I’m behind in these blogs. I know. But I’m determined to get all caught up in the next few days. EAT IT.


So, remember when I got my hands on Chetna’s cookbook? Of course you do. I decided to use one of Chetna’s recipes (the one on the cover, actually) for my bake off.


The cake was pretty easy. I had a hard time crushing the cardamom, and shelling pistachios is a pain in the ass. Next time, I’ll buy ground cardamom and shelled pistachios- not a thing.


I know a cake is going to be good based on the batter. And this batter was damn tasty.


I did have problems with the icing, which was my fault, not the author’s. I let the butter melt too much, so my icing was waaaaay to runny. Did you know powdered sugar (aka icing sugar) can thicken up icing? I didn’t. Now I do! Added in some powdered sugar and more butter. The result as a super rich icing. And because the two cakes were stacked on top of each other with icing on each layer, this was a thick, rich cake


A thick rich delicious cake. I bet if the icing hadn’t been so runny the cake would look prettier. Eh, you live and learn


Florida Orange Cake

Before I get to this recipe, I want to show you this


As most of you know, I am a huge Great British Bake Off fan. This book come from Season Five contestant Chetna Makan. I haven’t tried any of the recipes yet, but that’s because some ingredients are hard to track down. Trader Joe’s had ghee, but not semolina. That will have to be a different trip. But, I still need to get Richard’s book, Luis’, Martha’s, and Nadiya from Season Six just released one. I’m waiting for hers to come out in book format, though. I also need to get the GBBO collection books. I have an Amazon wishlist started ;o)


Anyways, got a new boss at work (finally), and she is a skinny fucking bean pole. Luckily, she is a skinny fucking bean pole who wants to put on weight. That’s where I come in.


I picked up this book at… Goodwill, I think. This is the first recipe I’ve made from it


There is a cup of orange juice in the batter, and orange marmalade in the cream cheese icing







It’s basically a breakfast cake- it has eggs and orange juice. And cream cheese. It’s a perfect summer cake- light and refreshing. It was a huge hit at work and a huge hit at home. 10/10 would make again