Project G-Dragon: Complete

It’s blocking as we speak.

Wet blocking.

In which mistakes in lace are MORE VISIBLE



I finished this afternoon, and took some pre-blocking photos and uploaded them to Instagram (along with some selfies of me modeling the cowl).


15 rows (17 if you want to count cast on row and bind off row); 2400 stitches (2720 if we count rows mentioned above); 160 beads; 11 days.


I blocked it in lavender-scented Eucalan, and now it’s on the living room floor.


I would like to thank Natalie for winding my yarn; Jamie for helping me test my beads; Kara for giving blocking advice; all my friends and readers for rooting me on; Richie for not laughing at me and for being a great sport about me knitting a project for a man who lives on the other side of planet Earth who doesn’t know I exist. Actually, thanks to everyone for not laughing at me (to my face, anyway) for knitting a project for a man who lives on the other side of planet Earth who doesn’t know I exist.

I have an address. Zombie and I are going to Fed-Ex on Friday


WIP Wednesday: Project G-Dragon

It’s Work in Progress Wednesday! Here’s where I am so far


As you can see there’s a little bit of substance now. I’m about two rows away from starting the halfway point


I’m trying to match the beads to the yarn as well as I can- purple with purple, pink with pink. Adding beading to knitting is a little easier than I was expecting. It’s still the most nerve-wracking part of the pattern


The designer said it was a good project for beginning lace, and I have to agree. I know most of the stitches. The only one I had to learn was Sk2po- slip stitch, knit two together, pass slipped stitch over. It’s all knit stitches, and the plain knitting on the even rows makes everything go faster.

I’d like to finish by the 22nd, because I’m off work on Wednesdays and I’ll be able to go to the post office then. Any ideas what I should write in my note to GD? Other than “Hey, Kim Heechul is my bias can you tell him hi please?”, I mean.

Project G-Dragon: Begin

I have the remaining supplies. Turns out I had size eight circulars already. They aren’t the length I need, but I’ll only need it for casting on and binding off. The rest will be on the six circulars


I couldn’t find a one crochet hook I needed so I had to buy a pack


Maybe those will come in handy in the future

I’ve managed to lose my pattern somewhere in the apartment (please don’t ask how) but luckily my mom gave me her old tablet so I can just pull it up there.


There are written directions! So I don’t have to worry about reading a chart! I think anyone who adds written directions to charts should be sainted.

I’m off to cast on! Wish me luck!

Project G-Dragon: Beads!

I totally lucked out and don’t have to buy beads for the Dragon’s Breath Cowl.

I already have them!



Someone had given me these years ago back when I was making jewelry. I hope these are enough- I’m only adding one bead to the first stitch of the first row of each repeat. I have some other small beads, and I’m pretty sure they’re the same size. But let’s worry about that when I get to it.

I went knitting over at Jamie and Natalie’s tonight, and I took my beads. Jamie broke out a crochet hook and was able to test for me that yes, these beads are the right size.

Natalie wound my yarn for me


And somehow it’s even more beautiful caked


All I need now are the two circular needles- a 24 inch size six, and a 24 inch size 8- and a fine crochet hook. And then I’ll be good to go to get started.

Also, I shipped a scarf to Australia on Friday. I just checked the tracking and it said that USPS couldn’t track this product for Australia. I guess that means it’s already reached Australia? If the USPS can’t track internationally, I probably won’t be able to track this cowl once it leaves the US, so I’ll have no idea whether or not G-Dragon even receives it.

Project G-Dragon

Someone talk me out of this. This is not a good idea. I swear, I do not know what I’m thinking.

So, I’m a knitter and a k-pop fan. Lauren and I often joke that we know that we’re way too into k-pop when we walk into a yarn store and start picking out yarn for various idols.

“Red lace for Heechul!”

“Bright neon everything for G-Dragon! They’ll be able to see him from space!”

But now it’s gotten out of hand. A few days ago I was cruising along on tumblr, and found this pattern.

The Dragon’s Breath Cowl.

My first thought was, “Oh, that would be cool for G-Dragon.” I mentioned it my Twitter friends who are in love with him. I had gotten the idea to knit it for him but figured he already had five thousand of these things.

Arwa, Ibby, Vee, Rachel, and Lauren have all said that I need to knit this cowl and ship it to his record label.

I’ve already bought the yarn, but I still have some supplies to go.

Why am I doing this? I mean, seriously, what do I expect? I mean, I doubt he’ll even get it. And if he does, I seriously doubt he’d wear it in public.

It’s LACE WORK. With BEADS. And a chart. I can’t read charts.

This is the most involved, difficult project I think I’ve ever done, and this dude isn’t even my bias! (don’t tell Heechul what I’m knitting)

If I complete this and he doesn’t wear it I’m going to be pissed as hell.

The ladies mentioned above have all assured me he’s knit worthy. He damn well better be.

I’ll be updating all of you on the progress of this project (no I won’t be changing the name). So far all I’ve done is print the pattern and buy the yarn


Now remember, yarn color changes from screen to screen, and in various light. That blue? It’s actually purple. It’s Ella Rae Lace Merino. I’m going to slightly alter the size because G-Dragon is a tiny little thing.

Okay, fine, it’s because I have slightly less yarn than the pattern calls for.

But G-Dragon is still rather petite but since it’s a cowl it doesn’t really matter.


How bonkers is this shit?