2018 Goals


When it comes to goals, I have a couple:

  1. Complete my GoodReads challenge of 55 books
  2. Organize my apartment, designating two months to each room
  3. Bake every single recipe in every single cookbook I have


What about you?


I spent my NYE the same as I did last year– cleaning and organizing. There were a few  differences: I didn’t return my library book; Richie was home and Zach our landlord came over; Richie and I bought a new bookcase at IKEA and put it together (we pretty much have a library now); at midnight I was playing cards with Zach and dancing like the geek I am. Hopefully that means I will be more active throughout 2018.


2016 Goals

I don’t do resolutions anymore. I set goals for myself- easier to keep.

Last year’s goals came out 50/50- I’ve gotten better at keeping track of my knitting projects, but I didn’t find a new job. However, I made it to full time, so that’s good enough for me.


Two goals again for this year:

  1. Knit a blanket. Not a baby blanket- a fully grown blanket for me. It’s also on my Winter Bucket List, so that makes extra accountability. Of course, it will be my first pattern after finishing Vee’s scarf, so that shouldn’t be a problem.
  2. No more knitting for Kpop idols. Yeah, I still haven’t seen it on him and it’s been FIVE. RUDDY. MONTHS. I don’t know how long it takes for an idol to get something, but I am so over it. That thing took eleven days and there were beads. BEADS. *hmf* No more knitting for Kpop idols.



Also, I have done several things for my Winter Bucket List, I just haven’t blogged them yet. I fully intend to in the coming days. Okay?

2015 Goals

Not resolutions. I’m not changing anything about myself. I’m already fantastic, baby.

1)  I haven’t been keeping good track of my knitting projects. I never know how many I’ve knit because I don’t post them up here like I should. This year I want to knit at least five different projects.

2) I want to find a new, well-paying job where I’m appreciated by my peers. It doesn’t have too pay too terribly much- just enough so I can pay back my student loans and re-join Rachel’s soap of the month club (I miss it so much)

Is that everything? I think so. Yay goals!