Happy Black Friday

I know, it’s probably a little late. Everyone is probably done shopping. Whatever, I found these memes last night so I’m posting them today. Hope everyone survived!

Black Friday

Black Friday 2


NaBloPoMo Day 4: IKEA!

I finally went to IKEA for the first time ever!

(pre-IKEA face)

Ikea face

(Much excite)


I went with my friend Aaron who is an IKEA buyer and has been to the store in Chicago. We were at the store for two hours.


Full walkthrough.


It was a blast.


I loved walking through the model rooms and opening drawers and cabinets. “This is my kitchen.” “Ooh, this is my bedroom.” “If I get married, I don’t want an engagement ring, I want a claw foot tub. An engagement tub.”


Then came lunch!

Ikea lunch

Those are chicken meatballs. Chicken balls, if you will. They tasted good but left a weird aftertaste.


Aaron couldn’t stop giggling at that.


Then it was downstairs to the warehouse. Test out all the things!



I prefer the yellow one.


Aaron bought a bunch of stuff for his new place, and I walked out with this little fella


Meet Samson Alien!


Their stuffed toys that are being sold for charity.




I need something to cuddle when Richie isn’t home



I think we’ll be very happy together

J is for Jennifer’s Pharmacy

Jennifer’s Pharmacy is a soda shoppe/pharmacy in Clayton.

There’s a gift shop in front, a pharmacy in back, and the soda fountain right in the middle. With an actual counter that you sit at. (no tables)

I used to go with my mom when she was on her lunch break, and she’d always buy me a cute nick knack and a chocolate shake. (thanks, Mom!)

Now I got with Kelly because she lives near by.

It’s a cute little place, and you should check it out when you’re in the area. The food is excellent and the staff is friendly and helpful.

F is for Flats

I came to a conclusion this past February. It was 3:00 on a Friday afternoon.

I can no longer wear high heels.

I massaged my shins, which I didn’t think could ache if you didn’t play sports. And I decided that with my tax refund that I would buy myself a new pair of flat boots.


I bought these at Famous Footwear for $65, which is the most I’ve ever spent on shoes. But you know what? Worth it. So incredibly worth it. My legs and and ankles don’t ache anymore. I’m no longer begging Richie for foot massages.

When it got warmer, I bought these at Old Navy for $20:


I still need a pair of tan flats to go with my lighter colored clothing.

I pretty much decided, “Fuck it. I’m 30- comfort over style from here on out.”

I donated all of my heels, minus one pair that Richie bought for me. I haven’t worn them- they just sit in my closet, keeping my purses company. Along with these two pairs, I have a pair of tennis shoes Mom gave me. And that’s it.

That’s all I need.

I Love Halloween

Unfortunately, I don’t make enough money to celebrate it the way I would like to. But, I usually luck out with decor at GoodWill or dollar stores. And my costumes are usually homemade. I’m to the point now where I could care less about being sexy. If I know I’m going out, I’d rather be warm.

Tonight, at the dollar store, I found Jeffrey.

He’s the one on top of the painting. His tag said he was a crow, but you can’t pair a crow with Edgar Allen Poe. It’s just not done. So, he got upgraded to raven.

“Think raven.”

We had to name him Jeffrey because obviously we already have an Edgar. If we had two Edgars it would just be too confusing. And there would be no Edgar I and Edgar II, or Eddie, or anything dumb like that. His name is Jeffrey.

I also scored some Halloween pencils- school and office supplies are another love of mine. Last year, we bought two garlands of skeletons. They each guard a door. The white ones guard the back door:

And the black skeletons guard the front. One little guy lost his head in the door.

Poor thing.

Anyways, Jeffrey will be up there all year ’round. Just like the skeletons are. Hopefully we’ll hit up some craft stores next, and see if we can find some cheap goodies there. JoAnn’s sent me a Halloween catalog today, just to taunt me. Bitch.