NaKniCroMo- Days 6-11:

Yes, I know. You don’t need to say it. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Day 6: Any favorite books or designers?

Stitch ‘n’ Bitch will probably always be one of my favorite books because it was my very first knitting book. I love the Yarn Harlot because she’s so funny and so talented. I also love Franklin Habit, Nim Teasdale, and so many designers on Ravelry whose names escape me. You are all talented and brilliant.


Day 7- Show us your progress!

Almost to the halfway point. Cables so bright, you can see them from space


Day 8- Show us your crafting spot!

I have two. Home, and work. I didn’t include Knit Night because I don’t knit there as often as I do the other two places.


Day 9- When do you craft?

Mostly nights and weekends. Sometimes I can squeeze in an hour at work, but usually it’s at home


Day 10- What’s your crafting fuel?

Tea! Sometimes cocoa. Maybe water. But almost always tea.


Day 11- Listen to or do anything while crafting?

Bake Off!


And other documentaries and movies, of course. The occasional podcast.




At work I listen to my iPod.



And now I’m all caught up. Ha!


Y is for Yarn Harlot

The Yarn Harlot is Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, and knitter and blogger and writer and doula based in Toronto Canada.

I’ve blogged about a couple of her books before. She is a super knitter! and designer, but she’s funny and humble and makes mistakes, which makes you feel better about making mistakes. At least, she does for me. And this is my blog, so that’s what counts.

I have read four of her books, and own two. My goal is to accumulate all of her books.

I haven’t met her or seen her speak, but Kate has. Kate even got a mention on the Yarn Harlot blog. Knitting ninjas of the world unite!

I’m off to knit now!

K is for Knitting

For those of you just stumbling across this blog for the first time, I am a knitter. I’ve been knitting for five years (this June).

My friend Anita taught me first. I bought Stitch ‘N Bitch by Debbie Stoller, and I was on my way.


I’m still a slow knitter. I’ve only done a couple of pairs of socks. I haven’t knit a sweater (hopefully next year) and I haven’t really knit lace (hopefully this year).

I’ve mostly done hats


and scarves:


I’ve done one simple wrap, and many blanket squares. Oh! And a cowl for my cousin Catherine (the expectant cousin):


(She’s camera shy, so I took a photo in the finished piece.)


Everyone has helped me knit. Anita; Kara; Rachel; Kate; Jamie; Ann; Ava; Kim. Debbie Stoller; the Yarn Harlot.

I definitely wish I was more prolific in this craft. I try to knit everyday, but it doesn’t always work.I try to while watching tv, to keep my hands moving. And I take knitting to Richie’s gigs (because I just don’t give a fuck), but even then I don’t always knit.

Everyone seems so much more advanced than me. Especially Kate, who’s been knitting about as long as I have. I know I shouldn’t compare my work to others’, but you only say that because you haven’t seen the knitting ninja (Kate) in action. And all of my pieces seem so simple, while everyone else is reading charts. I know, I know- just keep knitting, just keep knitting, just keep knitting knitting knitting. What do we do? We kniiiiiiit!………….

Ours is not to wonder why- ours is but to knit or die.