Day 30: The End

Wow. Another year of NaBloPoMo has come to an end. I wish I could write something really profound here, but, you’ve read my blog so you know I don’t do profound.


Now we can go back to ignoring each other until next year.


Day 29: Decorating for Christmas

I know it isn’t December first, but we had Lauren today and she likes helping put the tree up.




It felt so weird to be decorating for Christmas since it was so warm


As you can see, at least one section of the pre-lit tree has lights that are burnt out. Awesome.






And we got some new wreaths.

I have photos of them, but they don’t want to upload. Use your imagination



Day 26: More Stats

So this will post as the 27th because apparently WordPress is six hours ahead of me. But it’s the 26th where I am so I haven’t missed a NaNoBloPo post, for those of you keeping track.

I have passed 100 followers on this blog. I have passed 100 followers on one of my stories. That means more than 100 individual people on each site are reading something I wrote. And are evidently entertained enough that they keep coming back for more.

That puts a lot of god damn pressure on me.

Day 25: Sherlock Holmes vol. I

holmes I

Clocking in at 1059 pages, this was the biggest read of the year. Sorry, Murakami. It was my first time reading Sherlock Holmes. Oh sure, I’d seen a couple episodes and movies, but I never actually read the stories.

I learned that Sherlock Holmes did cocaine. They kind of gloss over that in the earlier films- especially the ones geared towards kids. I learned Dr. Watson got married.

The stories were good. Sometimes there was justice, sometimes there wasn’t. Sometimes everything was tied up in a neat little bow, other times everything was up in the air.

I liked it. Definitely worth the read, but I’m going to wait before tackling volume II.

Day 24: Autumn Bucket List #14: Bake a Batch of Pumpkin Muffins

I used this recipe and whipped up a dozen and a half last night


The recipe doesn’t call for butterscotch chips, but I throw in half a cup anyway. Maybe next time a whole cup. It’s been a while since I’ve made these


Sprinkle cinnamon on top right after pulling them out of the oven


I think I went overboard with the cinnamon.

Can you go overboard with cinnamon?


I guess you can