Today Richie and I celebrate eight years, and it just completely blows my mind. I know, I know, I say that every year. But every year it’s true!

Especially these last few months. Things are so hard and yet somehow we always manage to figure out a way to come out the other side. We make such an excellent team. We take great care of each other.

I’d like to thank Kara for introducing me to the term dork mate, because that’s what Richie really is. You don’t want a soul mate- that’s too much pressure. But a dork mate? Someone you can goof off with, who will make you laugh until it hurts, who likes the same nerdy stuff you do (or at least tolerates it), and who doesn’t make funny of you for venturing into something new (beard club! fan fiction!). I don’t think I laugh harder with anyone else, or have more fun with anyone else.

We’ve cleaned up vomit; wiped away tears; met each other’s families; broken down; built back up, and I’m still as happy as I was all those years ago. I don’t know how I lucked into something so brilliant, but I’m not letting go anytime soon. I have a koala grip on him and there’s no letting go.


(Us, circa 2007)

So Much Yarn

Not that this is a bad thing. There’s just so much and it’s all tangled and I need to figure out what to do with it all.

That’s where you guys come in.

So, my mom is a nanny, and her boss used to knit a lot. She had to give it up because she was too busy- she’s an attorney and has a 7 year old boy and a 5 year old girl. She gave all the extra yarn to my mom, who gave it to me.


The problem is that it’s all tangled. Apparently when she moved she threw it all into a bag (gasp!). Then at some point, the dog got into it.

First, there’s this blanket looking thing. There are a bunch of loose stitches at the top from where the needles got pulled out.



It looks like she was knitting with three different balls, because there are two pink balls and one orange one attached to it


There are no needles and no pattern. I don’t want to just frog it because it’s so big and I’m sure serious effort went into it.

There’s also Patons yarn that’s not in a full skein. The label is torn and some yarn is broken


Embroidery thread


And a bunch of Cascade


Some of it is still in skeins (not even wound) and some are just loose, in tangles


According to one label, it’s Lana D’Oro, 50% Superfine Alpaca and 50% Wool, 110 yards, 50 grams. There’s maybe four or five that are still skeined up, and four or five small balls. I don’t know how much has been used or tossed or what. It seems like maybe she was going to make a sweater or shawl or whatever other epic thing you can make with that much of that kind of yarn.

First thing’s first, I guess I’ll have to detangle it, then go from there. It’s just such a huge clusterfuck.


Any suggestions?

Misheard Lyrics

So Richie and I were talking and somehow we got around to Jimi Hendrix- specifically, “All Along the Watchtower”.

I always thought the line was “Come on over/drink my wine/come and dig my herb.”

Richie says the line is “Businessmen come and drink my wine/plowmen dig my earth.”

Did Jimi modify Bob’s original lyrics? Did Jimi mishear the lyrics? Am I mishearing Jimi’s lyrics?

It’s entirely possible. I’m still convinced Jimi sings “Excuse me while I kiss this guy.”

2015 Goals

Not resolutions. I’m not changing anything about myself. I’m already fantastic, baby.

1)  I haven’t been keeping good track of my knitting projects. I never know how many I’ve knit because I don’t post them up here like I should. This year I want to knit at least five different projects.

2) I want to find a new, well-paying job where I’m appreciated by my peers. It doesn’t have too pay too terribly much- just enough so I can pay back my student loans and re-join Rachel’s soap of the month club (I miss it so much)

Is that everything? I think so. Yay goals!

Four for New Year’s Day

1) First meal of the New Year: a bowl of Cocoa Puffs and a mug of organic Lavender Earl Grey tea

2) First book of the New Year: After the Quake by Haruki Murakami

3) I read on the Internet (which never lies) that there is a Japanese tradition that the first dream of a new year will come true. So I will travel the world, like a Time Lord not moving through time (that’s how I described it in my dream) with my hands bound by rope and Miyavi will be there. Yeah, okay

4) I’m still sick, but Richie bought me some medicine and Kleenex (my poor nose) and I’m drinking tons of tea and eating a bunch of citrus (Cuties are so damn good) and I hope to kick this cold’s ass soon


Hope all my readers are present and accounted for and not too terribly hungover

Four for New Year’s Eve

1) I have a really nasty cold. I blame getting drunk on my birthday which lowered my immune system. I am staying my ass at home and nursing myself.

2) Final book of the year: Fluke, or I Know Why the Whinged Whale Sings by Christopher Moore

3) Last knitting project of the year: Foggy Seas Scarf that I had set aside to knit Aunt Sheree’s Christmas shawl

4) It’s a bright, clear, sunny day. It’s deceptive, though. It makes me feel like it’s warmer than it really is. Then I crack a window to get a bit of fresh air and I get a cold blast of air because Nature is a tease


Have a happy and safe night, however you choose to spend it